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Visas are the responsibility of the traveller. It is best to consult with the high commission of the country being travelled to in the country being travelled from as requirements vary and change constantly. Botswana Safaris will not be held responsible for any incomplete or incorrect information regarding the visa process gathered by the traveller.

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Why Visit Botswana?

  • Vast stretches of untouched, un-fenced wilderness with unrivaled game viewing
  • One of the largest game populations in Southern Africa
  • Annual zebra migration
  • The Big Five as well as the rare and endangered African wild dog
  • Over 600 indigenous bird species
  • Home to the world’s largest inland delta and UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Okavango Delta
  • The largest elephant herds in the world in Chobe National Park
  • Over 3 500 San rock paintings at the World Heritage Site of the Tsodilo Hills

Wilderness Air is proud to be the air partner of Wilderness Safaris, a responsible ecotourism and conservation company with private access to the finest wilderness and wildlife areas of southern Africa.

Wilderness Air began operating in 1991, with one aircraft based in Botswana servicing two camps in the Okavango Delta. Today, Wilderness Air is also based in Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe, operating over 35 aircraft and employing over 50 pilots. Throughout its time, it has maintained its excellent reputation for safety and guest service.

We operate a varied fleet of light aircraft, chosen for their ability to transport visitors comfortably to remote wilderness destinations with dirt airstrips. Each aircraft type has been selected based on its ability to transport different numbers of passengers, over different ranges. Our fleet operate on a daily circuit within the regions.

Wilderness Air is privileged to fly into some of the most pristine wilderness areas in the world. We believe that flying is an integral part of each guest’s travel experience and that our pilots’ passion and professionalism can make a genuine contribution to journeys that change lives.

    11-jan 2018
to 10 Jan 2019
Area 2 to Area 2 or vice versa   US$250
Area 2 to Area 3 or vice versa   US$260
Area 2 to Kasane or vice versa   US$430
Area 3 to Kasane or vice versa   US$430
Kasane Airport to Livingstone Airport or vice versa Minimum2 guests (approximately 25 minutes) US$250
Maun Airport to Area 2 or vice versa   US$250
Maun Airport to Area 3 or vice versa   US$260
Maun Airport to Kalahari Plains Camp or vice versa   US$245
Victoria Falls Airport to Kasane Airport or vice versa Minimum2 guests (approximately 25 minutes) US$257

Camps accessed byrelevant hubs

  • Area 2 - Chitabe Airstrip - Chitabe, Chitabe Lediba
  • Area 2 - Jao Airstrip -  Abu, Jacana,Jao, Kwetsani, LittleTubu, Pelo, Seba, Tubu Tree
  • Area 2 - Mombo Airstrip -  Little Mombo, Mombo,Mombo Trails
  • Area 2 - Tubu Airstrip -  Abu, Jacana,Jao, Kwetsani, LittleTubu, Pelo, Seba, Tubu Tree
  • Area 2 - Vumbura Airstrip - Little Vumbura,Vumbura Plains
  • Area 2 - Xigera Airstrip 
  • Area 3 - Chobe Airstrip - DumaTau, Kings Pool,Savuti

It is a condition of travel with Wilderness Safaris that guests have travel insurance. Should they not have insurance cover, they will be personally responsible for any costs incurred as a result of a medical emergency or evacuation, as well as any other insurance claim situation such as loss of luggage.

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  • Notes:

    1. Rates are quoted per person per seat. 2. The seat rates on our scheduled flying circuits may only be used when booking Wilderness Safaris camps and other services through Wilderness. Subject to availability of aircraft, all requests for flying only with Wilderness Air will be on a sole use basis - see 7. 3. There is no minimum number nor single surcharge applicable when using the Wilderness Air circuit in Botswana, except on the Victoria Falls or Livingstone / Kasane flights. 4. All Wilderness inter-camp flying within the Delta and Linyanti are a sto camps not specified on the circuits will be operated via the Chobe, Vumbura and Jao airstrips by means of a bumblebee”transfer, at no extra cost to the sector seat rate. 5. Rates are subject to change as a result of circumstances beyond our control, including changes to Government and / or Airport taxes,navigation fees, landing fees, fuel prices, maintenance, industry increases or any other unforeseen costs. 6. Note that the US Dollar amount quoted as departure tax for Zambia is a guideline only, and must be paid in Kwacha, the local currency. The Kwacha amount will fluctuate depending on the rate of exchange on the day and must be paid direct at the airport when guests depart from Livingstone Airport. 7. Sole use charters are possible on a request basis, operated by Wilderness Air or a third party supplier. Contact your Journey Specialist for availability and costs.
  • Departure Taxis:

    Airport departure taxes are excluded from all rates and must be added where applicable. These are subject to change.

    Description US$ Notes
    Botswana Domestic departure tax (Maun Airport / Kasane Airport)  14 Per person prepaid to Wilderness Safaris
    Botswana International departure tax (Maun Airport / Kasane Airport)  24 Per person prepaid to Wilderness Safaris
  • Wilderness Air Flying Circuit:

    On occasion, the times mentioned below will vary slightly as a result of unforeseen circumstances: late arrival/departure of scheduled airlines, delays with the customs & immigration process, aircraft technical and maintenance requirements or diversions due to adverse weather conditions or any other delays which are beyond the control of Wilderness Air or in the interest of the safety of our passengers. Wilderness Air will always endeavour to rectify the situation to the best of their ability, however, they cannot held liable for any costs incurred as a result.
    There will be no refunds due in the event that alternative arrangements need to be made Wilderness Air shall only be held liable for such costs in events where such delay was a direct consequence of the gross negligence or wilful misconduct of Wilderness Air.

  • Mombo Route:

    Mombo Route

    Departure Time From To Arrival Time
    10:30 Kasane Chobe 11:10
    11:20 Chobe Vumbura 11:45
    12:00 Vumbura Mombo 12:10
    12:20 Mombo Maun 12:45
    14:25 Maun Mombo 14:50
    15:05 Mombo Vumbura 15:15
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  • Moremi Route:

    Departure Time From To Arrival Time
    11:25 Chobe Banoka 11:40
    11:50 Banoka Chitabe 12:05
    12:15 Chitabe Maun 12:35
    14:25 Maun Chitabe 14:40
    14:50 Chitabe Banoka 15:00
    15:10 Banoka Chobe 15:35
  • Vumbura Route:

    Departure Time From To Arrival Time
    11:20 Vumbura Mombo 11:30
    11:40 Vumbura Mombo 11:55
    11:40 Mombo Chobe 12:05
    12:10 Mombo Maun 12:30
    12:15 Chobe Kasane 12:55
    13:35 Maun Vumbura 14:10
    14:25 Vumbura Kasane 14:50
    14:20 Kasane Chobe 15:00
    15:00 Chobe Kasane 15:40
    15:10 Chobe Vumbura 15:35
    15:45 Vumbura Chobe 15:55
  • Delta Route:

    Departure Time From To Arrival Time
    10:30 Maun Jao 10:55
    11:05 Jao Vumbura 11:15
    11:35 Vumbura Chitabe 11:55
    12:05 Chitabe Maun 12:25
    13:25 Maun Chitabe 13:40
    13:50 Chitabe Xigera 14:10
    14:20 Xigera Tubu 14:30
    14:40 Tubu Maun 15:30
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  • Kalahari Route:

    Departure Time From To Arrival Time
    11:30 Kalahari Plains Maun 12::20
    14:30 Maun Kalahari Plains 15:20
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  • Itinerary Planning Notes:

    1. The scheduled Wilderness Safaris Zimbabwe road transfer services and the Wilderness Air Kasane/Victoria Falls/Livingstone services will tie in with the Wilderness Air Botswana circuit
    arrival/departure times in and out of Kasane. Therefore the Wilderness road and air services from Victoria Falls / Livingstone to Kasane will depart at 07:30 and 11:20 respectively, for the
    10:30 and 14:20 departures out of Kasane. Likewise the Wilderness road and air services from Kasane to Victoria Falls / Livingstone are timed to connect with the Kasane arrivals.

    2. Due to a decision made by the Civil Aviation Authorities, we are no longer able to include one left hand orbit and one right hand orbit over the Falls on the air transfers between Victoria Falls
    and Livingstone / Kasane or vice versa. Taking this and timings of both the Wilderness Air circuit and commercial flights into account, if guests wish to see the Victoria Falls from the air,
    and / or experience other activities in the area, we recommend booking a minimum stay of two nights in either Victoria Falls or Livingstone.

    3. All flying to / from camps not in the Wilderness portfolio will be serviced by our preferred flying partner in Botswana on a seat rate basis or can be booked with Wilderness Air on a sole use
    basis (subject to availability) including flights from a Wilderness camp to a non-Wilderness camp and vice versa. Note that the costs of these flights are subject to the same circumstances
    beyond our control, including changes to Government and / or Airport taxes, navigation fees, landing fees, fuel prices, maintenance, industry increases or any other unforeseen costs.

    4. In general, the flying circuit allows for guests to experience a morning activity on the day of departure or an afternoon activity on the day of arrival. On occasion this may not be possible
    depending on the timetables of the scheduled commercial airlines and / or the circuit routes.

    5. As a result of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve closure times in conjunction with the travelling time to / from camp, guests are not able to depart Kalahari Plains Camp for a morning
    departure out of Maun Airport. Similarly guests arriving in Maun Airport off scheduled flights at 15:00 or later, are not able to connect the same day to Kalahari Plains Camp regardless of
    whether the circuit or private charter services are used.

  • Excess Luggage and Weight Allowance:

    These important guidelines below must please be noted for all air transfers with Wilderness Air
    1. As safety and a quality air service is a strict focus for us, it is vital that we manage all weight and balance calculations ahead of time. We therefore require the weights of all guests prior to
    travel. Note that additional weight allowance on our aircraft does not need to be purchased for passengers weighing more than 100 kg (220 lb).

    2. Luggage, including both check-in and carry-on (handbag, backpack, camera equipment , sleep apnoea machine, etc.), is restricted to 20 kg (44 lb) per person travelling on seat rates.

    3. Only soft bags will be accepted - no frames or rigid structures can be transported as they physically cannot fit into the aircraft. Wheels on a bag are only permissible if they are not part of a
    solid frame or rigid structure. A collapsible wheeled luggage frame / trolley (separate to the bag) is allowed, as long as the basic dimensions are similar to that of the bag.

    4. The maximum dimensions of the soft bags which can be accommodated are as follows: 25 cm (10 inches) wide x 30 cm (12 inches) high and 62 cm (24 inches) long. Should your guest require
    a bag, we do have a supply of soft canvas carry-all bags at a reasonable cost. Please note that the baggage compartments on light aircraft are only 25 cm high (10 inches), so pilots must be
    able to manipulate the bag into the compartment.

    5. These limits are applicable to guests travelling on a seat rate basis so may differ if guests have booked sole use of a sector/s, a private charter, helicopter transfer or scenic flight option in
    which case the maximum's depend on the type of aircraft / helicopter and the number of passengers booked.

    6. Note that weight allowances on non-Wilderness Air aircraft may vary. Should guests be flying a combination of Wilderness Air and non-Wilderness Air flights, guests are to please ensure that
    they adhere to Wilderness Air luggage restrictions.

    7. We do not anticipate any problems with stored luggage being damaged or stolen, however, guests must ensure that they are in possession of full travel insurance including luggage cover.
    Neither Wilderness Safaris, Wilderness Adventures, Wilderness Explorations, Wilderness Collection   and / or Wilderness Air, nor any person, agent acting for, through or on behalf of said
    companies, will be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from any cause whatsoever.

    Excess Luggage and Weight Allowance


    Service Rate Notes
    Luggage storage at the Wilderness Safaris Maun Office Free of charge This service is for guests starting and ending their safari in Maun
    Unaccompanied luggage transfer from Maun to Kasane and vice versa US0 Per bag for guests starting or ending Maun and starting or ending Kasane
    Excess luggage to accompany guests for the duration of the safari Applicable seat rate charge Allows for 70 kg (154 lb) additional weight allowance, per dimensions above
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