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Visas are the responsibility of the traveller. It is best to consult with the high commission of the country being travelled to in the country being travelled from as requirements vary and change constantly. Botswana Safaris will not be held responsible for any incomplete or incorrect information regarding the visa process gathered by the traveller.

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11 nights: Namib Desert - Etosha National Park - Okavango Delta, Moremi Wildlife Reserve or Chobe National Park

Embark on a journey that contrasts the dramatic, beautiful deserts of Namibia with the lush bush-life of Belmond Safaris in Botswana.

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  • Day 1 - 4: Namib Desert

    Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

    From Johannesburg, we take you to Namibia. Experience the haunting beauty of the Namib Desert at Sossusvlei Desert Lodge.

    Cradled against ancient mountains, this exclusive safari lodge offers a sophisticated desert experience.

  • Day 4 - 7: Etosha National Park

    Ongava Lodge

    Etosha is Namibia’s most picturesque savannah. There is no better place to enjoy panoramic vistas of the area than the luxurious Ongava Lodge.

    Explore the varied game and vegetation of this national park. Track and witness the elusive white and black rhino, the latter of which is now critically endangered.

  • Day 7 - 8: Windhoek

    Olive Exclusive

    Take a break in the Namibian capital and unwind in the stylish Olive Exclusive boutique hotel. Each suite is individually designed to represent a distinct region of the country.

    It’s a perfect opportunity to reflect on your journey so far, as you prepare for a whole new adventure in Botswana.

  • Day 8 - 12: Okavango Delta, Moremi Wildlife Reserve or Chobe National Park

    Belmond Safaris

    Let our experts create a dream safari journey in Botswana with four nights in any of our three luxury lodges.

    Experience extreme diversity as you explore the waterways of the Okavango Delta, view the famed Big Five in the forested Moremi Wildlife Reserve, or listen to the rumble of elephants through Chobe National Park.

    Extend Your Stay
    Victoria Falls is just a stone throw away from our Botswana Lodges Include a visit in your itinerary to finish your journey in spectacular style.

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All our private safaris are individually quoted as prices depend on the safari chosen, the duration, the number of guests and the time of year.

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