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Visas are the responsibility of the traveller. It is best to consult with the high commission of the country being travelled to in the country being travelled from as requirements vary and change constantly. Botswana Safaris will not be held responsible for any incomplete or incorrect information regarding the visa process gathered by the traveller.

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Kanana, in the Western Okavango Delta, is the land of milk and honey, the land of paradise as it’s name means in Setswana. The water in front of camp transforms into a beautiful golden colour as the sun goes down, with mesmerising colourful horizon above the tall Okavango palm trees

If it’s not lions having a rest on the floodplains pondering their next dinner location or possibly their next meal, It’s the beautiful malachite kingfisher resting on a papyrus stalk after a long day fishing in the clear Okavango Delta waters.

A trip to Kanana wouldn’t be complete without a boat cruise to the world famous Heronry. At this time of the year and until about November, one will see multitudes of diverse species of birds from marabou storks to pelicans fighting for a spot to build a nest amongst the Gomoti Fig Trees which grow in the water.

The bonhomie of the birds coupled with their different calls transforms the Heronry into a complete symphony choir. The view of the heronry wouldn’t be complete without the bull elephants who spend their days feeding on the grasses that grow alongside the channels, sometimes they will wow the audience by swimming across the channel in front of the boat.

Kanana is truly the land of paradise!