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This National Park, in northern Botswana, has one of the largest concentrations of game in Africa.

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Why Visit Botswana?

  • Vast stretches of untouched, un-fenced wilderness with unrivaled game viewing
  • One of the largest game populations in Southern Africa
  • Annual zebra migration
  • The Big Five as well as the rare and endangered African wild dog
  • Over 600 indigenous bird species
  • Home to the world’s largest inland delta and UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Okavango Delta
  • The largest elephant herds in the world in Chobe National Park
  • Over 3 500 San rock paintings at the World Heritage Site of the Tsodilo Hills

With its stunningly clear waters, the Chobe is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful rivers in Africa. The 11,700 square kilometers of lush pastures around it form the Chobe Game Reserve in Botswana - one of the most popular luxury safari destinations in Africa.

If you’re looking for an authentic safari experience and want to get a taste of what Africa’s striking wildlife has to offer you, pack your bags and head for Chobe Riverfront - Botswana’s biggest game country. During the dry winter seasons, the Chobe’s waters become a favorite place for large herds of elephants and capo Buffalos to drink, bathe and play. The diverse wildlife offers an amazing opportunity to see some of Africa’s rarest animal species, including waterbucks, lechwes and pukus, as well as giraffes, impalas, warthogs and a wide range of monkeys and baboons. Predators, such as lions, leopards and hyenas, are also frequent visitors of the Chobe Game Reserve.

To get the fullest and richest experience during your visit, take the river cruise and observe the animal life and the stunning beauty of the reserve from a completely new perspective. Among the staggering array of water birds, visitors can also get a chance for a face-to-face meeting with Chobe’s crocodiles and hippos.

Apart from its diverse reptile and animal wildlife, Chobe’s Game Reserve is also known as Africa’s premier safari venues for bird watchers. With more than 460 bird species claiming the area as its natural habitat, the area is packed with common spices such as the Sacred ibis and the Egyptian geese, storks, Martial Eagles and the Fish eagles, as well as most members of the kingfisher family. During the rainy seasons, the Ngwenzumba Pans, located approximately 70 kilometers from the Chobe River, fill up with water and attract a diverse range of wildlife. The woodlands and grassland plains are a favorite breeding ground for Africa’s animals and birds, making the visit to the Chobe Game Reserve a fantastic and one-of-a-kind luxury safari experience.

In fact, the far north of the park is well-known for its dense game population. Lions are an everyday sight, hunting and chasing after the numerous packs of antelopes, prolific herds of buffalo and elephants, which are amongst the largest anywhere. The excellent birdlife feasts on the ubiquitous fish eagles. Тhe key to this African paradise’s unique and diverse flora and fauna is the unpredictable Savuti Channel, which flows from the Linyanti’s waterways and into the heart of the Chobe Game Reserve park, frequently flooding the Savuti Marsh. Even during dry seasons, the marsh presents fascinating views to its visitors, making it a world-known and highly-sought after luxury safari destination. The vast open grasslands are home to the annual migrating animals, including large herds of zebras, impalas, giraffes and tsessebes. Even without the migrating species, this particular area of the park is a permanent breeding ground for leopards, always plentiful around the kopies, packs of spotted hyenas, and one of the largest bull elephants in the world.

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury safari experience, don’t look further than the Chobe Game Reserve in Botswana. One of the oldest safari areas in the world, the National park is famous for its staggering number of elephants and buffalos, and the large prides of lions that hunt them on an annual basis. The rich animal, bird and plant life attracts thousands of visitors round the year, making the Chobe Game Reserve a premier luxury destination for safari tours - and the best place to get a first-hand experience with Africa’s stunning wildlife.