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Experience first hand how the San people survive in the bush through honed tracking and survival skills. Our San guides will unlock this unique culture for you.

Deception Valley Lodge offers a unique San (Bushmen) cultural experience. Guests depart after Tea from the Main Lodge at Deception Valley Lodge.

Let our San guides show you how to experience the tracking and survival skills of the San people. Let them show you how they gather their food and how successful they are at hunting with their poisoned arrows.

The Bushmen people were the first inhabitants in Southern Africa and have survived for the past 20 000 years in this arid region.

At the Deception Valley Lodge you will meet the real traditional Bushmen from the Naro tribe.  Listen to the Naro language, the first written Bushmen language that contains 37 different clicks.


  • Guided walks with the Bushmen to explore their culture, survival and hunting skills and their extraordinary knowledge of the veldt and animal life.
  • Interact with the Bushmen of the Kalahari on one of the Cultural walks with Bushmen at Deception Valley Lodge.
  • A walk of approximately two kilometres with two Naru speaking Bushmen
  • A unique experience in which visitors share in the life led by traditional Bushmen
  • Witness their knowledge of medicinal and poisonous plants
  • See how they make bows, arrows and other tools
  • Be humbled by their hunting skills
  • Be entertained by their sense of humour
  • Help them make a fire
  • Quench your thirst in the traditional way